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From chapter 9 of A Heavenly Gift


      I was in my bedroom working on some photos at my computer and I had been getting a pain on each side of my head occasionally. It could be quite strong at times. When I would experience this, I always felt that someone was there beside me or in front of me, but there was never anyone in a physical sense. The Angels had explained to me that this is how I would feel the presence of the spirit realm. This particular day, I felt a pain on the right side of my head, only this time it was accompanied by a tap on my shoulder. I have to explain that, when I work, I can get very engrossed in what I am doing. I thought I had imagined it, but it happened again. I stopped and looked around. I was the only one in the room, but then I heard a male voice.


     When I say I can hear people in the spirit realm, it is like a voice from outside of me but also in my mind. This man introduced himself as Jack. I stood up at this stage and thought, what is this now? I heard this man saying to me, ‘I want you to go down to your brothers office.’ It was very clear and loud. If anyone had of been watching this episode they would have thought I had completely lost the plot. So I said, ‘What’? Why do I have to go there?’  He repeated what he had said the first time. I sat back down at my computer and again asked why.  He told me that he had a message for a person in my brother’s office and I had to go down and deliver it. Well, it was one thing doing spiritual work for my family and having occasional interactions with spirits, but to walk into my brother’s office and give a complete stranger a message was a different thing altogether. I never had a spirit ever demand anything of me before. I thought, no way! Then obstinately sat, thinking of all the worst scenarios. Then I said, ‘How do you know there is anyone there?’ I certainly didn’t know, but my curiosity got the best of me and I had to go and look if anyone was at the office. Sure enough, there was someone there. I thought, oh God, what do I do now?


     Well, Jack was persistent. He was still there saying, ‘I have a message and you have to deliver it.’ Finally, I decided to do it or I would be listening to Jack for hours. I couldn’t think of an excuse to go into the office so I asked Jack well what can you come up with, so Jack said, ‘Make them tea.’ Make tea! I have spirits talking to me and the best they can come up with is “make tea?” It was so funny I could do nothing else but laugh. Jack has to be Irish, I thought. Tea is the Irish cure for everything.

I went and set a tray for tea and headed down with it to my brother’s office. I walked into the office and found my brother Garry, my nephew Darren, and two ladies from the accountant’s office. Garry was all smiles and surprised that I had brought tea. I left the tray down and was introduced to the two ladies as Garry’s sister. I said hello and then asked if any of the two women knew a man named Jack. 


     They asked me for more information; where is he from, where does he work, what is his surname? The situation then fully hit me, and I just said it right out, Oh, this man is dead, adding I prefer to say deceased. Garry and my nephew went completely pale. I was slightly amused at the faces and my thoughts where, Pauline they all think you must be mad, but I carried on anyway; I was getting help from Jack as well remember. I started to explain that I do readings and psychic work but then I realized which lady the message was for and asked her if I could speak to her in private. Once we were alone I explained more to her about what I do and that I had a message for her from Jack. When I had asked her before, she had said she was not sure if she knew anyone called Jack, but as soon as she was on her own she told me that she had a friend called Jack that had died a few years earlier. She was quite shaken about hearing from him this way which is understandable.


     Jack's message to her was that she had to go straight away and get her health checked and that if she did not, by September it would be much worse and very serious. I could see the shock on her face. No one else around her knew that she had been feeling unwell. This lady had the early signs of cancer. She was so happy and a little bemused to say the least that Jack, her deceased friend that she had loved so much, had come back to help her and give her that push to look after herself. It made me realize that I was just the feet and the voice that Jack needed to help his friend.


     It was such a privilege for me to be asked to do it. I had given Jack such a hard time because I was thinking about myself, and what would be thought of me. In reality, it is not important what others think. It is important that I constantly put myself aside and deliver all the healing, and help I can when I am called to do it and that is what I continue to do now. Jack thanked me and I thanked him for being patient, then he left. This is how the spirit realm helps us here on earth. It may be a deceased family member, a friend or an Angel of heaven. It is always different and always filled with goodness and beauty.

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