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Pauline Johnson

psychic / medium

Born in Chorley, England, Pauline grew up in Northern Ireland. Though her gifts had been with her from an early age, she didn’t recognize them until she was in her early forties when she realized she was seeing the deceased. Putting together the confusing pieces of events that had been natural to her throughout her life; feeling others emotions empathically, communicating with the deceased, receiving messages from spirit she focused on developing her gifts for the benefit of others. From that time it can be said that “the flood gates opened” and her work blossomed. 



"Thank you for your reading. This has been a valuable lesson for me to help me continue on my path."

~Dymphna - Dundalk


"This was a lively experience for me!"

~Donna - Cookstown


"It's wonderful for me to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!"

~Sheri - The Moy


" incredible experience, one that I would reccommend to anyone."

~Rebecca - Belfast


"Had the most wonderful reading from a truly beautiful woman. Thank you sooooo much! Truly amazing!

~Karen - Omagh


"Pauline thank you for your reading. You have reenergized me with inspiration and feel good factor, you have an amazing talent and connection to your gift, thank you!

~Roisin - Kilkenny

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