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A Heavenly Gift follows the life of Irish psychic/medium Pauline Johnson who realizes that she has extraordinary ability to communicate with Angels and the dead. Over the years she establishes working relationships with her Angels and spirits, called guides, that are assigned to help her use her talents to heal and bring hope. Filled with real-life accounts of client experiences, A Heavenly Gift is the true story of one woman’s journey on the path to self-discovery and enlightenment with the message that no one is ever alone.


Since 2004 Pauline has developed a client list that spans the globe, choosing to develop lasting relationships as opposed to a list of online ‘friends’. Her message is universal and reaches the across social, ethnic, religious and political divides as attested to by her diverse client list. Healing and empowering people, one person at a time is the work that Pauline has dedicated her life to. 

Future projects include a book featuring Pauline's photography of the faces in nature.

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